The Subiaco Dental Difference

My Practice Philosophy

Established in 1998, I founded the concept of Subiaco Dental Practice with the dream to make it unique and exceptional. I envisioned a boutique concept where individualised attention and personalised customer service are the principal themes.
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My Practice on Rokeby Road is a realisation of my dream as a graduate from the local UWA Dental School.  Since emigrating from Malaysia at 6 years of age and adopting Perth my home, I’ve grown up around Subiaco with fond memories fostered at local Jolimont Primary School & Hollywood Senior High School.  I can declare with pride that school friends, colleagues, and old teachers from each of those institutions are now part of my valued clients!

“SubiDental” has certainly flourished and thrived since those early years when I first hung the shingle and waited for patrons.  I thank each and every one of my loyal clientele for their support over the past decade and a half, and for the highest compliment of referring their spouses, children, parents, relatives, friends, work colleagues and entrusting them to my care.

My team and I strive to provide a distinctive level of customer service and quality dentistry equivalent to expectations from a boutique hotel or 5-star restaurant.  I deliberately retain my role as owner-dentist to maintain the charm and rapport of a mom-pop run local family bistro.  A unique blend of Old-fashioned Service, Quality, and Understanding that is hard to find these days.

I pride myself on the quality of work I provide, from the simplest cleaning to complex restorative treatments.  There is a great degree of personal satisfaction achieved from your dental experience that reflects my philosophy of uncompromised care.

Over the years, my attitude towards dental care has centralised on the concept of preserving our natural teeth for a lifetime. It is rare to have to remove a tooth, and gone are the days of succumbing to dentures in old age.

The advice I give, the recommendations for treatment options, the referrals to dental specialists is based on the simple philosophy:

“What would I do if it were my tooth that needs fixing?”
“What would last at least 10 years and give me the best chance keeping my tooth for a lifetime?”

Ultimately you decide the type of treatment you want.  I believe it is my role to educate you on the options and offer advice to allow you to make an informed decision.  I always recommend the most natural way restore your smile using the longest-lasting materials available – it is what I would choose if it were for myself, family or friends.

I have learnt through over a decade of marriage (yikes!) on how to listen. And listen is what I do to each patient’s individual needs and wants. I pride myself on delivering eloquent solutions to complex problems and being able to think ‘outside the box’.

I foster this philosophy and aim to stay true to it throughout all aspects of the practice, for each and every patient, both in dental care and providing a service to the community.

If you believe this philosophy of dental care fits you and would like to trust your dental health to the care of myself and my hand-selected team, I welcome you.  New patients help to grow the Practice and I thank you in advance for referring your family and friends you will want to share in your unique experience.

Subiaco Dental Practice - Alex Yoong Founder and Principal Dentist

Alex Yoong
Founder and Principal Dentist
Subiaco Dental Practice