Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

How we look after our patients
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The way we provide dentistry and run the practice is a little different. We help you choose the dentistry that meets your needs and encourage you to select the best long-term option to restore your teeth to their natural state. We educate and explain the treatment options so you are able to make an informed choice. We look after you, the person, and not just treat a dental problem.

Our philosophy dictates we recommend the best treatment to last 10 years or longer. We plan your treatment with a strategic goal in mind rather than doing haphazard repairs. That is the reason we cannot “quote” over the phone as we are unable to recommend treatment without assessing the surrounding teeth, the overall health of your mouth, or your needs.

Continuing Care

How we help you keep your teeth for life
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Our approach to your continued care is also a little different. Our focus is on Prevention, rather than Reaction.

Reactive dentistry often stems from an emergency. When something breaks or is painful, the problem is tackled with little account for the rest of the mouth. The solutions are usually complicated as the tooth is already broken or infected. It often involves root-canal treatments, crowns, or even extractions.

Preventive dentistry is much more civilised. I believe 90% of dental problems are preventable – typically through education and motivation, or early intervention. By assessing things properly, potential problems can be rectified before they happen.

Our assessments are exceptionally thorough, and use detailed digital radiographs and digital photographs to assist in identifying potential issues early. A timely update of a corroded, cracked filling can avoid the emergency scenario of a broken, painful toothache requiring a root-canal treatment and crown.

For your regular visits, continuing care isn’t simply carried out 6 monthly for everyone. We tailor follow-up intervals according to each person’s dental risk factors. That way, we don’t over or under-treat. Intervals of 3, 4, 6, 9 or 12 months are common. Typically the better your home care, the less professional intervention is required.